The Concordat and the Fourteenth

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Let's Try This Out

The sorceror Content Not Found: Marzipan, the gunman Content Not Found: Yan-Wan-Rothschild, and the gecko-warrior Content Not Found: Slith made their way across creation to the southeast, varyingly in search of some great evil force or the ruined artifact city of Denandsor. They encountered each other, surprised to find other travelers on the road, but did not speak until they were each beckoned to by a small local god of commerce. The god requested them to investigate a disturbance in the area, visible in the form of dry and dark storm clouds. These clouds surrounded a country keep, presumably built by some mildly successful Scavenger Lord.

Content Not Found: Slith infiltrated the keep, while a hunting party containing a large ball of shadows vacated the keep, and discovered only that the lord of the keep was well respected, but that food tended to rot quickly, requiring hunting and gathering sorties quite regularly.

The party then approached the keep, introducing themselves to the keep’s leader, Delton Figuero. He was friendly, and asked them over dinner to return to discuss affairs with the small god, though he was regrettably busy and could not accompany them. Upon returning, the party was assaulted by dragon-bloods, but then aided by a mysterious visitor. He implored them that Delton’s presence in the land was a destructive force on creation, and to remove him, forcibly if necessary. He provided some official paperwork to back up his claim.

The party then returned to discuss affairs with Delton, and quickly offended them. Bursting into a gout of powerful essence, he cast aside Content Not Found: Yan-Wan-Rothschild’s fiery attack and might have debilitated him had Content Not Found: Slith not intervened and called a truce.

Both Yan Wan and Content Not Found: Marzipan were banished from Figuero Keep by Delton’s moonshadow anima.


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